Pet Hotel

Treat your pet at our luxury boutique hotel

Our hotel stays are unique, beautiful bedroom suites, with gorgeous interiors, somewhere you would want to stay yourself! We offer tailor made stays and try in everyway we can to recreate the routine he/she has at home so they never feel homesick.

Overnight guests

Our aim is to be like a second home for your little one. We don’t just provide a beautiful place to stay, great quality food, fresh water, we also give unlimited love, attention and care. We do not have different shifts with different people we keep a low number of 5 permanent staff, so you will always know the faces of those taking care of your little one, but more importantly your pet will know.

Everyone is different

Our services are very special, we offer a hotel stay to suit your pet and try in everyway to recreate their home routine. The form that you fill in prior to arrival will ensure we have all the information we need to look after your little one in a customised way.


We are very proud of our premises and we strive to be the best at what we do. Our bespoke bedroom suits are like no other, the softest blankets and pillows, ambient lighting, calming interiors, only the best will do!


As we have previously mentioned we encourage you to provide the food that your pet would eat at home, as this ensures the least disruption of their routine.

However, we do understand that this may not always be possible and, in this event, we can cater for your pet at an additional cost.
We also have an in-house chef, if you wish to choose from our specialist menu, this must be booked in advance to ensure the freshest quality food is available

Exercise, fitness & fun

The Hamptons is set in a beautiful country estate of 110 acres of gardens, fields and farmland, we will take your pets on 20-40-minute walks 2-3 times a day and they will also have access to our secure grass outdoor play area throughout the day, with plenty of toys and games to keep them occupied. If your pet needs more or less exercise simply let us know and we will be happy to accommodate this.

Pre-bedtime relaxation

Your little one’s comfort & safety is our number one priority, we provide a calm and nurturing environment to ensure they are happy and relaxed until you can return to them. As well as ensuring a loving calm environment throughout the day we play relaxing music for them before bed to help this environment.

Signature luxury highlights

From handmade afternoon teas, birthday treats, film nights or picnic lunches through to our exclusive chef cooked menu or luxury spa treatments.

Everything you could think of to make your VIP (very important pet) feel so special.

Complimentary treatment

With every stay over 5 nights or more.

How nice to arrive back from your holiday or business trip and have your little one clean and smelling scrummy. We have amazing spa therapists that will bath your pooch shortly before you collect them.

Daily updates

You will be able to see how your little ones are doing via our daily WhatsApp updates. We have a team of wonderful people who love to capture our furry friends on all their adventures.

Please also see our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Please note this service is not available on Sundays and Bank holidays.