All your questions answered

FAQ – Frequently Answered Questions about The Hamptons Boutique Pet Hotel


  1. Will my dog be left alone?

As this is our home there is someone on site 24/7, your dog will be treated as part of our family and have the best possible care at all times.

  1. What if my dog is unhappy?

We ask you to bring your dog along at the time of viewing so that they can meet us and get familiar with the surroundings. We then offer a 2 hour settle session, where you leave your dog with us and we assess if we are suitable for them and if they are happy with how we do things. If we feel happy, we will offer you a choice of ways that you can introduce your dog so they feel totally secure with us. We will be as honest as we can with you about the trial and sometimes a few extra hours are necessary to ensure they are completely at ease.

  1. Is my dog walked or exercised?

We offer a range of enrichment for our doggy guests; we try and look after them as you do. We can walk them; we have private extensive grounds. We have a large secure freedom paddock for frolics and fun. We have an undercover play area for those rainy days, with access to the hotel at all times. We have 2 outdoor play areas, also with access to the hotel at all times. There are various toys & games that the pooches love as well.

They will never be bored here!

  1. What is the cost?

We offer various packages from day-care to holiday boarding. We offer a bespoke service so a lot depends on the needs of your dog, how many you have, how long you are going for etc.

We charge per day so we can be more flexible on collection and drop off times.

Please have a look at our prices page or contact us for more details.

  1. My dog has allergies, can you cater for that?

Yes, we absolutely can! We look after lots of dogs with allergies and special dietary requirements. Just tell us all about it and we can certainly accommodate your dog’s needs.

  1. My dog is on regular medication, are you able to give it to them?

Of course! We have lots of dogs that need regular medicine. We can make sure it is given exactly as you would at home.

  1. Are you a licenced boarder?

Yes, we are licensed through Solihull council and we are proud to say we have a 5-star rating! We are all fully qualified in animal first aid and have a variety of relevant qualifications.

  1. Can my dogs share a room?

Of course, if you are happy for dogs that usually live together to share a room that is fine by us, we will just ask you to sign a consent to sharing form.

  1. Are you open on Bank Holidays?

Yes, we are open for boarders, although we do charge double time.

  1. Can we come and look around?

Yes, although it is by appointment only as it’s our home, but feel free to email, text or call and we will be as accommodating as we can with times to suit you.

  1. Do you look after puppies?

Yes, as long as they have had all of their vaccinations, we are very happy to have puppy cuddles.

  1. What are your opening times?

We are open Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm and Saturday & Sunday 10am – 4pm, Bank Holidays are at our discretion.

  1. Will you send me any updates while we are away?

Yes, we send daily WhatsApp updates and you can follow your dog’s antics on Facebook and Instagram.

We are always happy to answer any questions that you have please feel free to contact us at anytime.